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Okay, so there's no real reason for me to live anymore.

I was so looking forward to next season!!!!

Jeff, I will always love you. I just wish you didn't have to go when I just arrived. You've always been my favourite for some inexplicable reason. : )


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You wrote exactly what I felt when I heard the news. :'(

I dunno, it's been all around a tough time for me lately. Skating's one of the bright spots in my life--watching that is--and to me he's one of the bright spots in skating. And season's starting, so I won't really have like ages to just forget... that skating exists...

Actually I shouldn't be so melodramatic, but when I like something I tend to become obsessed with it and personalize it. It's just sad that while these are good times for me,they aren't healthy and they never last.

I never knew you were into figure skating. Actually, apart from this entire new universe of LJrs I stumbled upon, I don't know anyone in real-life or otherwise who watches it. It's nice to know.

Have you seen this?

Well, you probably have. It's famous.
He and Evan Lysacek also took neoprints when they were in Nagoya--for Mao Asada's ice show.

It's just too cute. And it's so sad... cos since he's going away, no more fun for me.

Wow. I talked a lot!
Happy watching!

Skating's one of the bright spots in my life Me too! Saw a vid of Yagudin-san on youtube, and got hooked. I love watching Weir and Caroline Zhang for their artistry, and Lambiel's spins. Also Daisuke is a darling.

Have you watched Ryan Bradley's back-flip? I get obsessed too. Have watched this and Stephane's 'Billie Jean' about a hundred times.

I hadn't seen the second vid! They are so cute. *awws*

Talk more with me. Bye for now. *waves*

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