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Stephane Lambiel retired. This is old news really, but I just put it up here for posterity.

He's young and brilliant and sadly, injured. I thought some of his comments in some articles I read sounded quite bitter. I feel so sorry and sad for him.

Even older news, Naomi Nari Nam retired because her hip can't take it anymore. This is the second retirement of sorts in her career--she used to be a very gifted up-and-coming singles skater until her injury ended that.

I guess that's the very last of the Baby Ballerinas*, since Sasha Cohen is most probably not returning.

*Sarah Hughes, A.P. Mcdonough, Sasha Cohen, Naomi Nari Nam, Deanna Stellato, Jennifer Kirk.... not sure if I'm missing anyone, but most are hardly relevant anymore. It's all in the distant past anyway. : (

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It's insane. But I think he might have the right idea, to underperform due to injury all through next season and Vancouver makes continuing pointless. If he recovers in time, he can always come back.

He'll be skating pro. I always thought that was a dumb idea, since there are no honours and at the same time you aren't moving on with your life, but there's a silver lining for fans since Stars on Ice vids are likely to pop up all over youtube.

I dunno really, I saw a video today that makes me wonder if it's a trend:

That's Miki Ando. She's really good but she hasn't done as well as she should have. She's injured and I think she has a fragile personality, and the Japanese press bully her. I like her, so touch wood, in case even thinking about it were to jeopardize her.

Hmm, maybe the new season is jinxed. Did you hear: Virtue and Moir pulled out of Skate Canada because Tessa is injured. I think the Skate Canada people must be going crazy: Jeff, Stephane and V&M were all supposed to be there and they're some of the biggest names.

At least Lysacek has it pretty much all sewn up. Patrick Chan--who is very green--is his only realy competition.

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