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DBSK fic!

This was dedicated to me and I know for a fact that it's excellent cos I've been reading it over the author's shoulder as it was being written.

It's a Yunchun, which is my favourite pairing. There's so much room for exploration of characters and feelings due to the combination of, perhaps clashing, personalities. I love the writing style, there's a naturalness that most fic lacks. And the emotional depth and characterisation is moving and it really struck a chord with me.

I love Yunho here. He's exactly as he would be in real life--kind, mature, responsible, thoughtful. Not at all the macho neanderthal he's made out to be in a lot of fic. He has his weaknesses as well, and his struggles are considered beautifully in this story.

And, well, the plotting is brilliant: Yoochun is a transexual, Yunho falls for her without knowing. Eventually the conflict must emerge.

Here's an exerpt from the beginning.

'Yunho's fascination with lost souls began in the dreamy time before he turned ten. Perhaps it was because he had seen so many of them when he accompanied his mother to soup kitchens at their church.

Yunho remembered being a restless five, six, seven year old in the stuffy back room, unable to help chop the vegetables (that were brown at the tips, unlike those at home) or stir the porridge over the stove. But every fortnight he would jump at the chance to go, just to see them emerge, the withered creatures who were usually invisible to him: the poor who slept in hidden corners of train stations and under bridges, runaway teenagers, the old who had been thrown out of their homes. He stood out like a sore thumb among the group of middle aged women, the church committee, as they spooned food into disposable paper plates and plastic bowls and told these visitors to eat well and come again as if they were any ordinary guests. Yunho would be sitting on three chairs stacked up high and gaze at the queue of people with glittering eyes, searching for stories behind the faces that had closed and withered, wishing hard to put himself behind their eyes.

That was half a life ago, but he still retained an insatiable hunger for the twilight, the dark spot in a sunny garden. Like a cypress tree.'

So, please go read it!!!


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